Hoezo motivatie?

Swimstart groep

Casper Camps, TEC lid en sinds twee jaar fanatiek tri-athleet, schreef een prachtige motivatie aan nieuw TEC lid Andy die twijfels had over zijn eerste deelname aan de Kokomo sprint triathlon. We willen jullie dit niet onthouden:

“We understand Andy! A lot of us (if not all) have it, even when it’s the 2nd time, or 3rd, or 4th, or… Personally I can’t stand the nerves as they are building up towards Race Day – Horrible! Sometimes it even makes me sick in the stomach; then I ask myself why I’m participating in the first place AND tell myself it will be the last time. The funny thing is; the nerves are gone the moment the race starts, soon after you’ll enter “the zone” as I call it, where nothing else matters but your body, your mind, your emotions and you — and all is just perfect and all pieces will come togheter. Then, when you sort of ‘wake up’ at the finish line, you’ll know WHY you participated. There’s just nothing like it. Nobody can explain that feeling to you, you’ll need to experience it for yourself. It’s also probably right in that moment you’ll make the decision to sign up for the next race, because you feel so powerful and know fear and nerves are temporarily and personal victory is forever — Just make sure you’ll enjoy the race fully and totally, because it will be over in a second ;)”

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