Aquathlon Swim-Run-Swim

See here the results of the 2018 race. Hope to see you again in 2019!

Race information

Check-in and body marking at 3 PM, race starts at 4.30 PM at the volleyball field next to Hemingway’s. The race is also open for non-TEC members.

After the race there will be a BBQ at Hemingway’s, you can subscribe for this at the registration website above (Nafl 35 and for children 12 years or younger Nafl 20). You can also join the BBQ if you do not participate in the aquathlon.

The individual race is open for persons 16 years old and older (born in 2002 or before).

A relay team consists of two people, one swimmer (who will swim twice) and one runner. The relay race is open for persons 14 years and older (born in 2004 or before).

The running course is quite challenging so be prepared and take sufficient water for on the course. Take your own water after the swim. Water supply is available at the turning point half way. See the route below.

The TEC aquathlon counts for the official CTA Yearly Triathlon Championship ranking.

Swim route

Aquathlon SWIM 2016

The starting line-up is at the beach next to Hemingway’s. From the START/FINISH at Hemingway Beach to the right towards the wooden raft float in front of Wet & Wild.

Keep right all the time! Keep right at SWIM-1, watch out for other swimmers, watch out for people standing on the raft turning point and watch out for snorkeling tourists.

When you turn the raft keep the raft at your LEFT hand (turn is anti-clockwise). Finish Swim-1 is at the T1-zone beach volleyball field. Finish SWIM-2 at the START/FINISH at Hemingway’s. Cross the line under the green finish arch.

Running route 

Aquathlon RUN 2016

Running course from Lion’s Dive to Chocogo and back on the rail next to the water. Bring your own water bottle on the run. There will be water supply at the turning point of the race track. Keep right and watch ahead frequently. Give free way to everybody coming from the opposite direction. At the turning point of the run make sure that the official can see your race number, which is written on your arms and legs. Also at the swim turning point there will be officials to check your race number. At the finish please make sure to show your race number to the officials.